• Model-SR-FSP-40II


    This machine is suitable for compressed tablet, capsule, water-bindered pills etc.


    1.The machine adopt the servo motor + PLC touch screen control system.

    2.The integrated machine no need maintenance and oil lubrication.

    3.According to different material you can choose mesh plate or vibration counting system.

  • Model SR-FSP-300T


    This machine is suitable for medical, health care product and food industrial productions, such as honeyed pills, compressed tablets, sugar-coated tablet etc. The machine is servo motor driven which makes product change easy and fast by enabling pre-set of operation condition such as sachet length, filling weight, filling timing, etc on touch screen panel.Mesh plate and vibration counting system are available for your options according to the characteristics of the products


    1. Humanized round corner design, skin protection of users. Customized all types of bag shape based on customer’s special requirement.

    2. Unique left/right sealing mould design, insulating the filling material from hot sealing mould, which assure filling material free flowing even at high sealing temperature.

    4. Air driving sealing system makes machine run steady and with perfect packing bags.

    5. Panasonic servo motor with PLC touch screen controller, intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface.

    6. Movable horizontal sealing design plus patented balance technique ensures tight and neat of sachets.

    7. 3D easy tear guarantee much easier opening. 

    8.Counting plate adopts mold and vibrating method, to make the product feed evenly with, precise measurement.

  • Model SR-FSP-40VI/40VII


    This machine is suitable for medical, health care products, such as honeyed pills, capsule, compressed tablets, sugar-coated tablet etc.


    1.This machine adopt full servo motor control system, with accurate action, fast speed, no need maintenance.

    2.This machine adopt the intermittent sealing system, this special sealing system make the pattern more clearly, with good airtight, and avoid the bag leakage and wrinkle.

    3.This machine adopt the plate feeding structure, it can control seperately.

    4.External cutter adjusting device, you can adjust the cutter position with no machine stop, more convenient and safety.

    5.Double cutter system can achieve N bags a cut, which reduce the cartoning labor intensity and ensure the cartoning numbers accuracy.