• Model SR-ZJH-80D


    This machine is suitable for packing blisters, tubes, ampoule bottles, shisha bags and other related objects into carton box. This machine can fold leaflet, open box, insert object into box, emboss batch number and close box automatically.


     1. The max speed is up to 150box/min, box size is suitable for large range, and convenient to adjust.

     2. Machine is equipped with inverter, which is to adjust speed, guarantee working status steady and stable. With PLC controller, machine achieves human-machine interface, easy to operate.

     3. Photocell is to monitor and control working status automatically, once there is any unexpected problem occurs, photocell would report to machine and stop running and solve trouble in time.

     4. This machine can be used separately, and also able to work with molasses packing machine, blister machine, and any other equipment as a production line.